Water Softeners

Water Softeners are used to improve the quality of water by removing the minerals that otherwise contain high levels of ions like magnesium and calcium. Not only is it unhealthy to have highly ionised water in your house, but its consumption can take a toll on your health. If you are suffering from the problems of hard water, then it’s time to end this by having a water softener. Hard water not only causes problems to your plumbing but to your hair and skin as well. If you are planning to install a water softener in your house to get rid of such issues, then you should go with Home Quality Services water softeners.

What is Hard Water?

Water with dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium is hard water. Hard water uses more energy. Hard water is blamed for soap scum, dishes with spots and residue, dingy-looking clothes. Sometimes hair washed with hard water looks bad and feels sticky. Elements present in hard water are responsible for all these issues. With hard water, pipes get filled with magnesium and calcium deposits, which lead to clogged pipes and creates problems in the flow of water.

Need for Water Softener!

Water softening can prevent the negative effects of hard water. Water softening lead to increasing the lifespan of household machinery as it can prevent damage from hard water. A water softener uses a process to remove calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese by replacing them with sodium ions. Water softeners are plumbed into your home water supply system to provide you with safe water. The system provides a fresh supply of soft water in your home.

Benefits of a Water Softener :-

  • - Lesser pH:

    Water softeners largely help to reduce the pH levels of water. The lesser are the pH waters, the better it is for the general health of people. High pH levels tend to make water more acidic.

  • - Reduces irritation:

    Hard water can cause a lot of irritation and uneasiness on the hands and body. But with the help of water softeners, the minerals can be reduced and allows the water to have a natural effect on the body.

  • Low-cost operations:

    Having a great life expectancy of 15-20 years, tankless water heaters are typically to last longer than any other water heaters. The parts are easily replaceable and easily serviceable.

  • - Better laundry:

    With the help of water softeners, laundry can be made easy. Hard water requires excessive soap for cleaning and for letter formation. But these costs can be cut down by efficient use of water softeners.

  • - No Scale Deposits:

    Highly ionized water leads to scalar deposits on kitchenware and utensils. It also affects home appliances like pipes and water heaters. This can be combated with water softeners. There is no more extra need for cleaning these appliances and utensils anymore.

  • - Better equipment life:

    Water softeners allow equipment to have a longer life. Equipments are not eroded easily because of the reduced elements and ions.

  • - Safe Consumption:

    Water softeners remove the chemicals of hard water that have the ability to affect the health of not only humans but also animals. People are free from the risk of such health hazards and consume water without any risk.

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