With the increase in global warming, the overall temperature on our planet is getting dryer and warmer. Whenever there is an increase in temperature outside, the air starts getting dryer both inside and outside your house. While you have very little control over the temperature outside of your house, humidifiers can help regulate the temperature inside so that you are comfortable that you feel while you’re outside your house. Dry air improves allergy symptoms such as the runny nose, eczema, tight skin, etc. We, at Home Quality Services, care for your overall well-being and health and hence provide top class humidifiers. Humidifiers help in reducing the symptoms of all allergies caused due to the presence of dry air around you. When the humidity levels drop because of the dry air, a humidifier comes to your rescue and maintains the moisture humidity level inside your house, so that you don’t fall prey to allergies caused by being around dry air. At Home Quality Services, our only goal is to keep you healthy and free from all annoying dry skin problems.

Benefits of Humidifiers

  • Getting more out of a cough-

    Dry air causes a lot of dry cough. With the help of Humidifiers, you can increase the moisture content in the air so that the cough then throws out the excess phlegm.

  • Reduces snoring-

    If you have someone in your family who has a persistent snoring problem while sleeping, it could be because of less lubrication in the airways. Humidifiers will help in increasing the moisture level in the air and help you or your family member make less prone to snoring.

  • Decreases asthma symptoms-

    Dry air worsens the symptoms of asthma. Using Humidifiers from Home Quality Services increases the levels of moisture in the air and helps in providing relief to asthma patients.

  • Keeps the hair and the skin moist-

    Increased duration of exposure to dry air makes the skin and the hair dry and flaky. Skin problems are a common thing during intervals of dry hair. A humidifier will help in keeping the moisture in balance so that the hair and the skin are always moist and devoid of any problems.

  • Prevents influenza-

    According to recent studies and research, when an influenza virus was added to the air inside a room, the humidifier helped in deactivating virus particles in that room which led to the conclusion that humidifiers can reduce the possibility of you getting infected by the influenza virus.

  • Healthier Houseplants-

    Even though plants help weed out toxins in the air, but during the winters and dry seasons, the soil starts getting drier than usual. Humidifiers will help maintain the moisture levels inside your house so that your houseplants don’t have to face the brunt of dry air during colder temperatures or in winters.

  • Reduced heating bill-

    If you add some moisture to the dry air inside your house, the air will feel warmer, which can help you in saving the money you essentially spend on heaters.

  • Protects wood furnishing-

    Dry air results in the slow destruction of all your wooden furniture in the house in the form of splits and cracks. A humidifier will help in keeping your furniture last long so that you don’t end up spending on buying new furniture every once in a while.

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