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Package Rooftop Services in Home Quality Services knows that a properly functioning rooftop HVAC unit is a priority for your business. Whether you need to have a system installed, replaced, repaired, or maintained, count on us to meet your needs. Our services can help you protect your HVAC investment and minimize energy consumption.

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Why Choose a Rooftop HVAC Unit?

If your commercial or industrial building has comfort problems, poor air quality, or high energy consumption rates, choosing a rooftop HVAC unit is a great way to address these issues. Rooftop units—known as RTUs by industry professionals—are found in about 46% of Kansas City commercial buildings, including data centers, grocery stores, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and many others.

RTUs are capable of handling between 1.5 tons and 162 tons in the volume of supply air. They are cost-effective, pre-engineered, and adaptable for many commercial applications, allowing you to optimize heating, cooling, and ventilation for your business.

Benefits of Rooftop HVAC Units

Why do commercial properties often opt for rooftop units instead of ground level systems? There are many reasons, including:

  • Versatility – If you need to add on to your HVAC system for any reason, you won’t have to worry! Unlike a ground level unit, the rooftop unit will not get in the way of the building or passersby as you expand or redesign the system. You can even distribute the system modules to different locations throughout the rooftop depending on the heating and cooling requirements of your building.
  • Noise – As you’re probably aware, a ground level HVAC system can be noisy—especially if it’s sitting right outside your office window. By installing a rooftop HVAC unit, you will be placing the system out of earshot, minimizing disruptive noise.
  • Wear & Tear – Although a rooftop HVAC unit is more exposed to the elements, it is further away from the dirt, debris, and vandalism that can take a toll on the efficiency of a ground level HVAC unit.
  • Maintenance – When a commercial building has rooftop HVAC units, a technician has easy access to all the modules. There is no need for the professional to search for individual units throughout the property. He also does not need to enter the building to repair or maintain the equipment—allowing him to spend less time searching for your HVAC equipment and more time working on it.

Factors in Choosing a Rooftop Unit for Your Building

By providing more services and costing you less in monthly utilities, rooftop units are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces. Our technicians can aid you in determining the right unit for replacement and in optimizing an existing unit.

Factors that need to be weighed in choosing a rooftop unit include:

  • Total capacity of the unit, including the sensible to total capacity ratio, condenser power, and part-load degradation
  • Energy efficiency, as determined by its Season Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) number
  • Environmental factors including building type, location, and occupancy patterns
  • Whether a gas/electric or electric/electric unit is best
  • Desired monetary savings as calculated by electricity and utility rates and the expected lifetime of the equipment

Our fully certified technicians keep each of these factors in mind when handling your rooftop unit, ensuring that you receive the most from your HVAC system.

Industrial Rooftop Unit Energy Savings

With a range of SEER options available in rooftop units, having a Home Quality Services expert on your side can make a significant difference in the functioning and monetary savings of a rooftop unit. With the primary energy consumption of these units being over 1.3 quads, the smallest improvement in efficiency can make a big difference in both your bottom line and the comfort of your employees. The right rooftop unit can make a significant change in your energy savings. By addressing the energy efficiency of your rooftop unit regarding your commercial or industrial building, you can reduce your operating costs, enhance the value of this asset, conserve natural resources, and improve air quality for your building.

Maintenance Plans for Commercial HVAC Rooftop Air Conditioning Units

Our preventative care and maintenance plans offer thorough analysis of units and continued optimization of your energy and financial savings. A maintenance plan helps prevent you from needing costly service calls, minimizes unexpected service calls and downtime, and keeps your equipment well maintained for longer. With regular maintenance customized to your particular buildings’ needs, your rooftop unit will be checked for safe operation, receive tune-ups, and be evaluated for any further necessary service.

  • The equipment doesn’t run.
  • The system operates, but the air Canadianrature doesn’t change.
  • The RTU short cycles, shutting off before it reaches the target Canadianrature.
  • You hear strange noises or notice odd smells when the rooftop unit operates.
  • Your customers or employees complain of comfort problems.
  • The humidity level is too high or too low.

When your system acts up, call Home Quality Services anytime—day or night, weekend or holiday. With our 24-hour repair services, we never leave you hanging.

Why Choose Home Quality Services for Package Rooftop Services?

When you need RTU installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance in Kansas City, choose Home Quality Services to deliver the services you’re after. Here are just a few reasons why business owners and facility managers have trusted us to meet their packaged HVAC needs since 1965:

  • We have extensive experience in the commercial and industrial HVAC industry.
  • Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians are union-certified.
  • Our professional, personalized services have allowed us to build long-term relationships with many of our customers.
  • We’re available 24/7 to deliver emergency repair services when you need us most.
Contact us to schedule your appointment today or call 1-888-246-3111 for questions!

Package Rooftop Unit Installation & Replacement

Perhaps you’re building a new facility or considering a rooftop unit for the first time. Home Quality Services has experience designing and installing energy-efficient RTUs for industrial and commercial applications. If needed, we can also fabricate custom ductwork to maximize the performance of your rooftop unit. In the end, we won’t call the job complete until we’ve made your building as efficient and comfortable as possible.

We also replace aging rooftop units and perform commercial HVAC system retrofits. Investing in our services is sure to grant you an excellent return on investment, not to mention make your building more comfortable for your employees and customers.

24-Hour Emergency Rooftop Repair Services

By their very nature, rooftop units are designed to withstand the elements for robust performance in unideal conditions. Still, even the best RTU requires periodic repairs. You know it’s time to call Home Quality Services if you notice these problems:

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