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Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units commonly called RTUs are basically heating, ventilation or four conditioning units that are installed on the rooftop in a commercial space. These self-containing units have the twin functions of heating and cooling depending on the commercial building. It does not only clear the air but also provides a comfortable - commercial workspace. Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are designed to operate in buildings of crowded urban areas, so that these HVAC units do not occupy any indoor space more so because these large buildings require outdoor units for heating and cooling. Out of our many services, we at Home Quality Services look after your Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit needs and services too. Although, commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are a more recent technology, we highly encourage this installation during any renovations or replacement. It is one of our most fast selling services today and comes within a very affordable price range.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units

Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are commonly used in places like warehouses, shopping centres etc., which are comparatively large and open. But single-strayed buildings are best suited for their installation. If the recent and upcoming technology of Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units has drawn any concerns or questions to your mind, you must take a look at the following advantages to delete such doubts. Here are some compelling advantages of Commercial HVAC RTUs:

  • Less Energy:

    The energy usage of HVAC Rooftop Units are minimum with maximum efficiency. They are assembled and configured at optimal conditions in industries and go a long way in saving the long electricity bills.

  • Saves Space

    Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units do not occupy indoor spaces at all and can be conveniently placed on the rooftop. They also save up the costs of maintenance that could have been incurred if they were placed on the ground, due to weed and grass. Rooftop location of these units are also a step for prevention of other problems like tampering and theft. Thus, these units are ideally located without any inconvenience caused to the daily work routine of the people.

  • Easy Installation:

    The installation of Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are much simpler and easier as these units are completely assembled and configured in factories. It also automatically reduces its overall cost, an added advantage of these units.

  • Faster Servicing:

    Being placed on the rooftop and having all parts assembled in one place, the process of diagnosing a problem and subsequent repairing are faster and easier to carry out. It, in no way interferes with the functioning and operation of the commercial space.

How is it different from other HVAC Units?

If you think that installing them on the rooftops is the only difference between Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units and other HVAC Units, you are wrong. There are several HVAC units that can be installed on the rooftops, like split air conditioning equipment etc. Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are designed in a special way so as to provide heating and cooling according to the needs of your commercial space. These rooftop units transfer the cool or heated air to different parts of the building through ducts and also have return registers which pull the air back into the system.

On the other hand, other HVAC Units do not come with a packaged unit like the rooftop units. In fact they have separate requirements and components that need to be bought and installed separately. For example, in a split air cooling system you would have to purchase separate boilers or furnace for heat transfer.

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At Home Quality Services, you are at the correct place for your HVAC needs. Our wide variety of services will leave you wanting more for your Commercial space. The Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are one of our most popular services growing rapidly in demand. Our services in relation to commercial HVAC Rooftop Units are all inclusive of installation, repairing and servicing. Our highly trained and experienced team of technicians are prepared for all sought of challenges or problems that they might encounter. We are determined to provide you the best services and are a highly reliable company.

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