Conventional Water Heaters

There is nothing more soothing than a hot water bath on a cold morning to get you all moving and fresh for the day. Winters can be a bit harsh and sometimes not having hot water available can send shivers down one’s spine without even going out in the cold. Hence, there swoops in the need of a water heater, and what better option than owning a conventional water heater. Here at Home Quality Services, we provide you everything that ensures that you do not miss your comfort. The services that our experts provide are promising in this field of work. A customer should adhere to the advice that installing a new water heater is better than repairing the existing one because of less maintenance and less burden it would bring with itself. We always advice and do the best we can to make your home a better place and an ideal place to relax after a tiring day.

Why a Conventional Water Heater?

A conventional water heater is much better than a tankless water heater. The major difference between both is that the conventional water heater stores and heats the water at the same time whereas the tankless only warms up the water you are about to use. Although, choosing a heater is directly dependent on an individual’s choice, here are some benefits that make it straightforward as to why conventional water heaters should be your prime choice:

  • 1. Storage:

    The most convenient feature of a conventional water heater is that it has water storage. In case the power goes out or the gas runs out, you need not worry because the water that gets heated is stored and reserved hot for a lot of hours.

  • 2. Low Costs:

    Be it the maintenance or the initial purchase, these heaters keep your expenditure in your budget, allowing you to save more and more for years.

  • 3. Heating options: :

    There are in fact a lot of heating options when it comes to conventional heaters. These heaters can warm the water either on electricity or on gas. In addition to this, if both of them are unavailable, an option of solar power also stays for a safety backup. So, no matter what, you will get your hot water.

  • 4. Long Life:

    Conventional heaters serve up to a decade or two. However, if serviced and maintained properly, these heaters remains efficient and work for even longer periods of time.

Maintenance of Conventional Water Heaters

Maintaining a water heater can be a hassle but it can save you a lot if done properly. The service mainly contains two processes i.e. drain and flush. The water draining is done so that the residual water in the heater washes out and there is no chance for the heater to get corrosion and rust. Flushing is an important step towards the efficiency of the heater. The sediments that set up due to the hardness of water can cause an obstruction to the flow of hot water, thus damaging the heater. However, to save you a lot of hard work and time, Home Quality Services provide you everything at your doorstep so that there is no extra pressure on you to get out of your daily routine and do extra work.

Our Services

There is one more benefit of these heaters and that is made even more convenient at Home Quality Services. Our team members are expert in handling conventional heaters’ installation. Besides the installation part if you have any existing conventional water heaters, the repairs and maintenance are also made pocket-friendly so that you save can save yourself a fortune. It has been years since we have had experience when it comes to the conventional heaters and the hassles that come with them. With a promise of quality, we ensure you that all technicians and plumbers at Home Quality Services are prime in their field with extreme professionalism and we try to keep everything to work within your budget. We have gained the trust of all our clients from a scratch by providing them quality and pin-point accuracy services.

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